Omiljene scene/dijalozi

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Re: Omiljene scene/dijalozi

Post by HouseLannister on Tue Aug 22, 2017 2:25 pm

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] wrote:Sve te Small Council meetings scene su dobre, nedostaju takvi dijalozi u ovoj 7. sezoni...

Jedna od jacih scena kad Tajvin vodi sastanak, a ovi ostali ulaze i onda se grabe ko ce gde da sedne. Litlfinger zuri da sedne odma do Tajvina, Sersei premesta stolicu sa druge strane do Tajvina, Tirion vuce stolicu dok traje ona mrtva tisina i seda u celo nasuprot Tajvina Very Happy , a Varis samo posmatra. Bukvalno niko nista nije reko, a mnogo se stvari otkriva o likovima.

Hahhaha da carski, evo je.  "The game of chairs"  Laughing
The first half of this scene alone is one of the reasons GoT is the best. No words, but so many stories told:
-Littlefinger sits closest to Power i.e Tywin
-Varys doesn't really give a fuck where he sits
-Pycell acts like a fucking old bloke so he takes the nearest chair
-Cersei does the bitch as usual and sucks up to Tywin
-Tyrion takes a chair and sits as far as he fucking can from these people

And Gods, Varys' faces are like, the best thing ever.


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